After 21 years of living in our wonderful home here at 2300 South Boulevard in Idaho Falls, we have to say goodbye. It was a great place to raise our family, but the kids are all grown up and now it's time to move on.

In this blog, we hope to share with you an intimate look at our house and our yard. There's so much to see and know about this property; a quick walk-through could never capture the richness of its history, the architectural detail, or the seasonal beauty of the grounds.

We will be listing the house for sale during the Summer of 2013. At that time, tours of the home will be available to pre-qualified buyers.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Renovation & Improvements

Exterior Renovation

In 2010, we began a complete renovation of the exterior of the house.  The first step was the installation of a new roof by Wright Roofing and fabrication of new storm windows where needed.  The new windows were constructed by Tim Stoddard, a well-known Idaho Falls woodworker, who also made several of the interior features we have added over the years.  (See Interior Improvements below.)

The next step in the process was to remove the original cedar lapboard siding from the western facing wall where weathering was most severe.  These were sanded down to the wood, primed, painted, and re-installed.  All but the north facing wall were stripped down to the wood with a heat gun.  The most weather pieces were replaced with siding harvested from a wall that was covered when the 1950 addition took place.

The shutters and remaining storm windows were also removed and sanded down to the wood before painting.  Exterior molding that was badly weathered was replaced.

The paint we used was Duration, a Sherwin-Williams product guaranteed for thirty years.  The color we chose was Crabby Apple to match the original color of the house.  We also refurbished the garden shed with a new roof and new paint to match the house.

The front porch was rebuilt before painting to ensure structural integrity.  One column on the front porch was damaged and a new one is currently being fabricated by a firm in Salt Lake City.

In 2012, we hired All American Yards to install landscaping in the front and side yards.

Then it was time for the unveiling so we took out THE HEDGE!    As you can imagine, it was a tremendous task to take out the 12 foot high row of 80 year old Juniper bushes running across virtually the entire 200 foot frontage.

We rented a backhoe, borrowed a trailer, and hired a half dozen helpers and managed to get it out in only 24 hours...but it was a long day!

Removing the hedge caused quite a stir in the community.  Everyone was excited to finally be able to see the house.

Interior Improvements

Our priority when adding improvements to the interior of the house was to update the facilities while maintaining the period feel of the space.  The bathroom on the main floor was our first project.  We installed a tile floor and counter-top that coordinated with the existing tile and added a wooden vanity to match the sugar pine paneling in the adjacent hallway.

After removing the carpet to reveal the hardwood floors, we installed custom-made, wall-to-wall cabinets with lighted, glass-front shelves and a window seat across one wall in the living room.  These cabinets, as well as the bathroom vanity were designed, constructed, and installed by Tim Stoddard.

In 2005, we replaced the orginal steam boiler for the heating system with a new energy-efficient, Weil-McLain gas-fired boiler.  The installation and maintenance of the boiler was provided by Rocky Mountain Boiler.

In recent years, we have also installed several new, major appliances, including: two side-by-side Fridgidaire Gallery stainless steel electric ovens with both normal and convection heating; an electric/gas LG washer and dryer; and a Kenmore stainless steel under-counter dishwasher.


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  3. That is quite a renovation project. I really like how your exterior project turned out, especially the paint color combinations that you used. And the landscaping definitely helped enhance the overall look!


  4. That was a lot of work, but revamping this place inside out is the best option if you want to increase the resale value of this house. I understand that that was the main purpose for all this renovation, right? How did it go? Have you found the lucky buyer?Jesse @

    1. Jessie - thanks for your inquiry. We have not sold the property and took it off the market to complete bathroom renovations that did not proceed as quickly as originally hoped. At this juncture, we do not have an anticipated date for putting it back on market.